YouTube Services

WeFantastic is an agency for helping you build your YouTube audience. Through a combination of best practices, deep analytics data mining, and over a decade of experience we will help you achieve your goals on YouTube.

YouTube Training

YouTube Training covers the best strategies to grow your channel. 1 Hour sessions for 6 months we look at your data around a specific focus and then provide feedback and guidance on what will help you grow faster.


Our Consulting Report is an 10 – 15 page document reviewing your channel analytics. We then give a list of suggestions based on our findings in the report and answer any questions provided to us in advance.

Our team will prepare a bespoke channel report, where you can find out the good and bad sides of your channel. This will help you to focus on bad things and sort them out!

Channel Management

When you hire WeFantastic to manage your channel you can rest assured that your content is reaching its maximum view and engagement potential. With our Channel Management services we start with Planning & Strategy, Branding & Design, YouTube marketing and handle all operational needs including uploading of videos, thumbnail creation, metadata creation & optimization, community management, monetization, playlist creation, channel layout, and more.

Channel Maintenance

Most YouTube channels have lots of videos without optimisation. WeFantastic will design new thumbnails, fix your metadata, define a card strategy, and optimise your end screens and descriptions to ensure every video is contributing to your channel at its maximum potential.

YouTube Marketing

WeFantastic can fuel and speed up the progress to build audiences on the YouTube platform. We’ve generated thousands of earned views and thousands of earned and engaged subscribers for our clients.

Video Production

In the 15+ years that we have been working on the YouTube and other digital video platforms we have created thousands of YouTube videos. We know what works and which techniques works well with the algorithm of YouTube and other digital platforms.

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