About WeFantastic.

We’re a talent and media company based in London and Istanbul.

We are a family of talents who have amazing stories to tell the world. We help them to tell their stories however and in any format they like.

We unite brands together with our talents whenever the stories match and this creates a big bang!

Video Production

We always want to look or best. We are pursuing the perfect in all storytelling formats. We use our full production capacity to create our videos, which are the most important content format of our time, perfectly in line with the medium.

Content Strategy

Content is the king, content strategy is the kingdom. The king may die but the kingdom lives. That is why we create the best and suitable content strategy for our talents and clients. We want them to be strong and last long.

Content & Talent Mining

As Seth Godin stated, people do not buy goods and services, they buy relations, stories and magic. The basis of our work is to hook inspiring stories and talents who create them. We are good story junkies.

Talent Management

Our talents are the creators of the most-awaited stories for all kind of audiences. It is our greatest duty to ensure that the creators feel comfortable and that the creation process does not break. We handle them with care.


As we are obsessed with the stories, we know very well where and how to publish them. We are experts on medium’s platform dynamics and we distribute our or your content in the best possible way.

Licensing & Merchandising

We know that if the story is good enough, it goes beyond itself. People want to consume it on more levels. Licensing and merchandising step in where the content comes to grow and build up to something else; either to another mass media or to a product of the story.

Seth Godin


We believe in a diverse range of talent to connect with the audience,
brands, and projects.


Alp Gursoy


With his professional visual effect and animation experience, Alp Gursoy brings together his knowledge and technology curiosity to his passionate subscribers. With his high quality production and story telling his channel offers fun-to-follow high quality tech videos. He has 105K+ subscribers on his YouTube channel.


Tugce Irtem Arman


Tugce Irtem left her successful career in corporate life and turned her hobby Pilates into a profession. Her YouTube channel is also a promising channel that is within our company. With her unique style and direction that will be loved by all women who want to do Pilates, Tugce is meeting with her audience.


Mert Kalafat

Watches and Lifestyle


Tutya Yılmaz


Tutya Yılmaz is a Turkish female artistic gymnast. She represented her country at the 2014 Youth Olympic Games, as well as the 2015 European Games. She earned a quota spot for 2016 Summer Olympics.


Roportaj Izle

Vox Pops

Our channel that produces the famous line “Barbara, manken olan” consists amazing video content in which citizens from all around Turkey answering up-to-date, funny, interesting questions. Roportajizle channel, which has a lot of fun to watch, has 11K subscribers.


Firuze Ozdemir


Firuze Ozdemir, the beloved name of Rabarba radio program, brings a breath of fresh air to categories such as make-up, DIY with her unique humour. The channel offers make-up secrets of characters one more interesting than the other and has almost 5.000 subscribers.


Nisan Ak


Futbolun Hikayeleri

Futbolun Hikayeleri, YouTube üzerinden futbol ve futbolcu hikayeleri paylaşan, bunun yanında futbol içerikli interaktif videolar üreten bir kanal olarak yayın hayatını sürdürüyor. YouTube Türkiye’de, alanında kanal olma özelliğini taşına Futbolun Hikayeleri, zaman içerisinde türeyen rakiplerine rağmen bu alanda açık ara üstünlüğünü koruyor ve arttırıyor. Türkçe yayın yapan ve Aralık 2019 itibari ile 220 bin’in üzerinde aktif abonesi bulunan kanalımız her geçen gün büyümeye devam ediyor.

What We Do.

We are a new generation content and media company. It is our job to find the most consumable creative content, produce it and combine it with the convenient media to tell the best stories.

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